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A Split Congress Could Bode Well for 1031s

Real estate has always been a scapegoat for economic troubles.

As the wrangling over the Oval Office continues, there could be good news in the cards for 1031 like-kind exchange investors. And here’s why. Despite campaign promises to keep or alter 1031s, this isn’t a decision that will come from the White House alone.

Rather, it’s a battle that will be waged in the chambers of Congress. And, given its split nature, as the voting stands now, 1031 investors stand to deal another day without change to their financial expectations.

For those playing at home, here is the Congressional play-by-play to date: With Alaska Senator Dan Sullivan’s re-election, a democratic senate becomes increasingly unlikely. Georgia is still in play.

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Amanda WillisA Split Congress Could Bode Well for 1031s

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