Build Wealth Through Private & Institutional Net Lease Investments

Invest in Net Lease Where You Have 100% Control

Savvy investors today know that a significant portion of their investments should be in real estate.  Beyond that, many of those investors are seeking passive investments as an alternate source of income, and net lease provides the best venue.  Why net lease?  Net lease properties, often referred to as single tenant net lease (STNL) or triple net (NNN) properties are assets that have a lease in place shifting all of the burden of maintaining a property to the tenant.  This includes rent, some or all of the property expenses, real estate taxes and insurance, and maintenance costs and utilities. Here are some of the top benefits:

Maintain 100% Control

As opposed to other real estate investments in REITs or DSTs, you own 100% of the real estate and can determine when it’s best to buy and sell.  You get to decide the best strategy to maximize your portfolio.


Due to the nature of net lease, these investments are relatively hassle-free, pending the true nature of your lease.  With an absolute triple net lease (NNN), the management headache shifts to the tenant, and you only need to collect the rent each month.

Tax Incentives

Again, because with net lease you own the real estate, you get to take full advantage of leveraging the investments to grow and build your wealth.  As your investments mature, you are able to take full advantage of 1031 exchanges to trade into assets what have a larger cash-flow, something you cannot do when you have only a small stake in ownership.

Calkain’s utilization of the industry’s most advanced marketing and research tools, combined with our net lease experience, allow us to provide our institutional and private wealth clients with an array of brokerage services and financially sound advice.  Our ability to help clients build wealth is second to none.

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