Net Lease for Sale in Virginia

Net Lease for Sale in Virginia

The popularity of the NNN lease has increased in recent years, and many clients come to our net lease group looking for property services and if there are net leases for sale in the Virginia area. Clients may ask us if a property cap rate is reasonable, or if the terms listed in the triple net lease are in their best interests. Regardless of what questions you have, our team at Calkain can be of support. We offer free consultations for first-time clients, so please take us up on this offer today!

What Exactly is NNN (Triple Net) Lease?

At Avison Young, we pride ourselves in our knowledge of the Net Lease Marketplace. We believe it is very important to share that information with any potential client to help them become well-informed investors. We can also do a search for any asset in any state including net lease for sale in Virginia.

By definition, NNN lease is a lease structure where the tenant has to pay for operational expenses related to the property. While on the other hand, the landlord is removed somewhat from property operations since they are not responsible for funding associated costs. This can provide the tenant with more independence and the landlord with less stress.

The Owner really benefits from Net Leases as they do not have to be involved in the running of the business from day-to-day. The owner is collecting a rent check from a creditworthy tenant and does not have to worry about what breaks down or the keeping up of the building in which the business is operational. It is a completely hands-off investment and great for the long-term.

What Does a NNN Lease Include?

Reading the fine print on a lease is so important, and here at Avison Young’s Net Lease Group we encourage people to have a member of our team look it over before they sign. Despite the lease stating it’s an absolute net lease, this doesn’t mean the lease covers all the expenses related to the property. Depending on how old the building is and terms established by the landlord, there may be some costs that aren’t covered by the tenant and this will become a NN Lease instead. This means the Landlord is responsible for a part of the property but the tenant is responsible for most.

Are NNN Lease Investments Risky?

There are many advantages to NNN lease investments, one of which is the guaranteed cash flow. This means that revenue is more predictable since leases tend to be long-term. If you have yet to find a property that you feel is a good investment, we can help you find a net lease for sale around the VA area.

Trying to find the perfect NNN lease for you can be tough. Sometimes, it takes research help from an advisor here to find exactly what you’re looking for. Please contact us today so we can help you locate your next net lease for sale in Virginia.

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