NNN for Sale in Virginia

NNN for Sale in Virginia

Our experts at the Avison Young Net Lease Group are dedicated to giving our clients the highest level of service when looking for NNN for sale in Virginia. Investing in these NNN properties can be difficult to navigate alone, but with the help of our trusted team, many new NNN owners are happily reaping the financial rewards of this kind of real estate investment. If you are looking for a long-term passive investment NNN investments in Virginia may be right for you.

What is a NNN Property?

NNN properties are a type of income property where the tenant maintains 100% of the business facilities. This includes the roof, structure, plumbing, paint, parking lot, HVAC, etc. In addition, the tenant also pays for all property taxes, insurance, and common area maintenance. What does this mean for the landlord/investor? Hassle-free, long term, guaranteed cash flow with no headaches involved in the upkeep of the property.

Who buys NNN properties?

Anyone can buy a NNN property. Avison Young Net Lease Group is here to help you decide what type of property best fits your financial needs. One way to invest in NNN for sale in Virginia is a 1031 Exchange. Most triple net properties are owned by individuals; however, real estate investment trusts, pension funds, and other institutions also buy NNN properties. Most NNN income properties for sale are priced between $1,000,000 and $30,000,000. Please note 1031 exchange would only apply if you are using proceeds from a similar commercial real estate sale to acquire property.

Where are most NNN for sale in Virginia located?

Triple net properties are commonly located on heavily traveled routes in almost every city throughout the United States.  The location is a big factor in the case of buying and leasing. Large, national chain corporations are incentivized to keep the brick and mortars of their companies as easily accessible as possible, so most successful NNN properties can be found adjacent to your major highways and main streets.

Why buy NNN for sale in Virginia?

Passive income, preservation of equity and appreciation of value are the primary reasons why investors and 1031 exchange buyers purchase NNN property. Security is achieved when your tenant has strong credit and a great location. Passive income is achieved when your tenant has a long-term lease (10-25 years) and maintains 100% of everything.

When should you start looking for NNN for sale in Virginia?

Now is the time to learn more about NNN triple net properties if security and passive income are your investment property goals. Contact us today for more information!

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