NNN Listings in VA

NNN Listings in VA

NNN leases are very popular among investors. An Avison Young net lease advisor will be able to help anyone searching for this type of asset as they know the ins-and-outs of this lease language. Our experts really understand NNN listings in VA as well as around the nation. The triple net lease, or otherwise referred to as “NNN lease”, is a frequently used lease structure in commercial real estate. It isn’t uncommon for clients who are interested in being a part of NNN investment properties, to meet with our team to decide what is in their best financial interest. We have advised many clients in the Virginia area, and take pride in helping people find a property that works best for them.

Triple Net Lease Defined

By definition, a triple net lease is a type of lease structure in which it is the tenant’s duty to pay for all expenses related to property operating costs. There are both potential pros and cons to signing onto a NNN lease, so we highly advise consulting with us about Virginia NNN listings before signing on any dotted lines. You can trust that we have your best interests and financial future in mind at all times.

The Spectrum of Leases for Commercial Property

Every commercial real estate lease falls along a spectrum between absolute net leases and absolute gross leases. The majority of leases lay somewhere around the middle and are categorized as a hybrid lease. When you hear people in the real estate world talking about triple net leases, they are usually thinking of an absolute net lease (but, not all NNN leases are an absolute net lease). A lease may be called a triple net lease just for convenience when the fine print may not contain elements of an absolute net lease.

Lease language can be daunting to understand and that is why we are here to help. As you can see, this can quickly get quite confusing. That is why we highly encourage potential investors to talk with us about VA NNN listings they are considering, so they don’t get into a lease having made incorrect assumptions.

To put this into a real-world perspective, imagine this: It is the middle of summer and your HVAC system died overnight. As the landlord in a triple net lease with the tenant, is not responsible for this massive and costly repair. The NNN lease puts all of the maintenance of the site in the hands of the tenant. The tenant is then responsible to fix the HVAC system. NNN leases are ideal for Investors.

Get Support From Our Team

Our team is ready to consult with you about whether a triple net lease is in your best interests. New clients receive a free initial appointment to talk about NNN leases in further depth. To ensure that you get involved in the best lease agreement possible, it is important that you have support from an advisor regarding VA NNN listings. Contact us to start your search today!

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