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GlobeSt-Chris Maling-Net Lease Bank-Occupied STNL Assets Pose Challenges for Buyers and Sellers (9/23/2020) - There are approximately 453 single-tenant bank-occupied properties on the market for sale in the US.
commercial property executive, news, media, net lease 2020 Single-Tenant Net Lease Cap Rates (9/16/2020) - Low interest rates are keeping cap rates for this durable sector at an all-time low.
GlobeSt-Chris Maling-Net Lease Net Lease Investors Come Off the Sidelines and Flock to Sure-Bet Deals (9/16/2020) - It should come as no surprise that the COVID-19 pandemic sent the investment market reeling. When the full impact of the crisis was setting in back in the first quarter, all sectors of the net lease market felt the dire pinch. Slowly, however, investors seem to be coming out of hiding and creating some activity,
Avison Young Brokers Sale of Children’s National Prince George’s County at Woodmore Town Center (9/14/2020) - Jonathan Hipp, Avison Young Principal and Head of the U.S. Net Lease Group, today announced the sale of Children’s National Prince George’s County at Woodmore Towne Center in Glenarden, Maryland to Municipal Acquisitions. On behalf of Heritage Partners, a national full-service real estate development firm based in the Mid-Atlantic, Hipp brokered the $39.3 million sale using a
commercial property executive, news, media, net lease Why More 1031 Exchange Buyers Are Seeking an Upleg (9/3/2020) - Single-tenant net-leased retail assets have historically been the go-to investment for small-to-midsize 1031 exchange buyers seeking to secure a cash-flowing passive investment. But the current economic turbulence created by retailer shake-ups, changes (or impending changes) in tax legislation, and other COVID-19-related and unrelated challenges is creating uncertainty when it comes to commercial property ownership. We
GlobeSt-Chris Maling-Net Lease Never Bet Against Warren Buffett (8/31/2020) - Berkshire Hathaway has “doubled-down” on its original 2017 purchase of 18.6 million shares of Arizona-based net lease REIT STORE Capital, picking up an additional 5.8 million shares. If you need any further proof that Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett is the wisest man in America, click on this link, to see his move deeper into the
Don’t Go ‘DIY’ When Selling Your Net Lease Asset (8/6/2020) - Avison Young’s Jonathan Hipp on why hiring an experienced broker can help investors smoothly navigate the nuanced environment of a disposition.
commercial property executive, news, media, net lease Is a Zero Cash Flow Investment Right for You? (7/16/2020) - This unconventional approach can bring immediate cash to investors or rescue them from a hefty tax bill, according to Jonathan Hipp of Avison Young. Conventional real estate investment strategy is built on a straightforward formula. You invest in a property, possibly make some capital improvements, and reap the ongoing returns until your hold strategy dictates
GlobeSt-Chris Maling-Net Lease 3 Tips for Conducting Due Diligence in Net Lease Investing (7/16/2020) - Armed with potential retail types that dodged the shutdown bullet, investors can drill down to questions of the stability of specific retailers.
commercial property executive, news, media, net lease Why Time’s A-Wastin’ for 1031 Exchange Buyers (6/22/2020) - Avison Young’s Jonathan Hipp on why now is the time to strike, as a critical July 15 deadline nears.
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