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Cap Rate Report Q2 2020

Just a Few ‘Essential’ Sectors Unscathed Amid Widespread Volume Decline

The impacts of the global coronavirus pandemic continued to set in during the second quarter of 2020, with volume falling significantly for the second straight quarter. In Q1, at the onset of the pandemic, fear-stricken investors decreased their activity across all sectors. In Q2, with three additional months’ experience operating in a pandemic, investors are proceeding with caution in sectors that are deemed highly essential and are dominated by strong credit tenants.…

Leigh ClineCap Rate Report Q2 2020

Cap Rate Report Q1 2020

Cap Rates Hold Mostly Steady Amid Market Slowdown

The first quarter of 2020 bore witness to an economic and global-health crisis unprecedented in modern history, creating uncertainty across all classes of investments. The net lease sector remains one of the most cyclically durable segments of the commercial real estate market, but it nevertheless felt the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.…

Amanda WillisCap Rate Report Q1 2020

Cap Rate Report Q3 2019

When Calkain released its second-quarter Cap Rate Report, we were deep in the summer doldrums, and activity—and cap rate movement—reflected the quiet. Summer’s gone now and, despite a slight tapping of the brakes—with thoughts of presidential elections and trade wars dancing in our heads—the investment market has shaken its lethargy.…

Leigh ClineCap Rate Report Q3 2019

Cap Rates Continue to Tick Upward, Net Lease Outlook Remains Cautiously Optimistic

Herndon, VA – Calkain today released its Q3 2018 Cap Rate Report.  Despite four straight quarters of increases, the cap rate still remains relatively low at 6.55%, only 23 bps off our recent all-time low.

“Although we’ve seen an uptick in interest rates, the market continues to aggressively chase net lease assets.  I’m cautiously optimistic we will have a solid fourth quarter,” stated Jon Hipp, Calkain’s president and CEO.

According to the report, the net lease market is on track for continued strong performance.  The report includes a sector-by-sector breakdown, as well as an overall view of the single tenant …

Traci BidingerCap Rates Continue to Tick Upward, Net Lease Outlook Remains Cautiously Optimistic