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What Can Opportunity Zones Offer NNN Investors?

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Even if the final regulations do not include net leased assets, the expected increase in retail stores in these districts is promising.

For answers to that question, we’ll just have to wait a while. If the current partial shutdown of the US government doesn’t hang things up too much, the Treasury Department is expected to come out next month with regulations that are said to answer that question and many more. In the meantime, net lease investors will just have to bide their time.…

Amanda WillisWhat Can Opportunity Zones Offer NNN Investors?

What is Really Happening with Bank-CRE Lending?


There is nothing ambiguous about CBRE’s recently released report, “Commercial Real Estate Lending Market Remains Robust.” According to CBRE’s Lending Momentum Index, an index that tracks the pace of U.S. commercial loan closings, Q2 2018 numbers have kept pace with those reported in the first quarter. CBRE also indicated that banks accounted for almost half of the non-agency lending volume that closed during the second quarter.

Amid all the good news, the report also said that, “compared to a year ago, June …

Amanda WillisWhat is Really Happening with Bank-CRE Lending?