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The Healthy Net Lease Asset Class


Thanks to increased demand for healthcare services, the medical net lease sector will continue to offer steady cash flow and safe returns for investors.

The medical sector is one of the quieter, more under the radar property types within the net lease world. Though not as abundant as dollar stores or ubiquitous as fast food; medical net lease properties offer investors steady cash flows, low-to-no management burden, and cap rates which beat out other similarly sized deals. Furthermore, an aging demographic shift will help ensure this asset type remains a viable investment well into the future.

Dissecting the Sector

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Amanda WillisThe Healthy Net Lease Asset Class

Net Lease Report – Medical Sector

The medical sector is one of the more underrated sectors of the net lease world. That notwithstanding, it continues to quietly provide investors with solid options to grow their portfolio and secure solid returns. The medical sector is a service industry where consumers are required to see doctors and other medical professionals face-to-face, therefore creating a need for brick and mortar locations. …

Amanda WillisNet Lease Report – Medical Sector

Diagnosing the Net-Lease Medical Sector


What do dialysis clinics, urgent care locations, and dental offices have in common? They are often net lease tenants and together these types of tenants make up the net lease medical sector.

Calkain’s just-released “Net Lease Report: Medical Sector” notes that net lease medical properties can prove to be viable investments, thanks to the following fundamentals.…

Amanda WillisDiagnosing the Net-Lease Medical Sector