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Cap Rate Report Q2 2020

Just a Few ‘Essential’ Sectors Unscathed Amid Widespread Volume Decline

The impacts of the global coronavirus pandemic continued to set in during the second quarter of 2020, with volume falling significantly for the second straight quarter. In Q1, at the onset of the pandemic, fear-stricken investors decreased their activity across all sectors. In Q2, with three additional months’ experience operating in a pandemic, investors are proceeding with caution in sectors that are deemed highly essential and are dominated by strong credit tenants.…

Leigh ClineCap Rate Report Q2 2020

Despite Rising Cap Rates, Net Lease Remains Strong


Herndon, VA – Calkain released its latest Q2 2018 Cap Rate Report.  Calkain’s research indicates a continued moderate rise in cap rates for single tenant net lease (STNL) properties.  The quarterly change was 17 basis points,  however when viewed over the trailing 12-36 months, rates are relatively stable with an average rate in the low 6’s.  Among the various sectors in net lease, there are large variances and a deeper look into the recorded transactions show shorter lease terms and as well as more double-net (NN) leases for several sectors.…

Traci BidingerDespite Rising Cap Rates, Net Lease Remains Strong