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This Net Lease Segment Is Recession-Resistant


This type of single-tenant property may be just the answer for investors who are nervous about recent economic events, says Avison Young’s Jonathan Hipp.

Along with (literally) the rest of the world, we’re watching the daily news of the spread of the coronavirus, now upgraded by the World Health Organization to pandemic status. We hold to what we have said all along in terms of its impact on investment, namely, play the long game and know that this too shall pass. As devastating as the news is–and it is–the old rules of investment still apply. Just as panic won’t help …

Leigh ClineThis Net Lease Segment Is Recession-Resistant

The Real Reason So Many Stores Are Closing


If people are shopping differently today, and they are, it is not to the exclusion of brick-and-mortar venues, but rather to those brands that have not been able to think in an omnichannel strategy of bricks-and-clicks working together.

Excuse me while I step outside of my normal role in this space of focusing solely on the net lease market. Because there is a dynamic impacting all of retail—the general market as well as net leased retail—that needs to be addressed, namely, the myth of a retail apocalypse.…

Amanda WillisThe Real Reason So Many Stores Are Closing

The War Between Amazon and the Dollar Store Sector


How does the online giant expect to break into one of the busiest sectors for buyers?

As we continue to grow into a digital age, we see more and more retailers developing their online presence to have a wider reach with consumers around the world. This is how Amazon become the shopping behemoth we know today. As a result, different brick-and-mortar stores struggle to create a business plan that addresses Amazon’s competition and eventually fall to the wayside. One sector, however, has not seemed to be taken aback from this competition—the Dollar Store sector.…

Amanda WillisThe War Between Amazon and the Dollar Store Sector

Net Lease Investors Hungry for Casual Dining

Commercial Property Executive

Necessity-based retail is more e-commerce resistant, and there is a positive outlook for chain restaurants and gyms.

As the business cycle continues to defy expectations and induce concerns, net lease real estate, also known as “the bond wrapped in real estate,” is highly desirable for many investors.…

Amanda WillisNet Lease Investors Hungry for Casual Dining

Grocery Delivery in the Digital Age


How will competing grocery chains utilize delivery options to maximize profitability?

In 2019, the simple act of going to the grocery store has evolved from the experience that it was just a few years ago. In this digital age, we see companies starting to incorporate more technology into how the stores are run, while creating a unique experience for the customer.…

Amanda WillisGrocery Delivery in the Digital Age

Calkain Brokers Sale of Pottery Barn Warehouse in Fredericksburg, VA


Last week, Calkain‘s Andrew Fallon, Richard Murphy and Jon Hipp completed the sale of 1731 Carl D. Silver Parkway in Fredericksburg, VA. The $2,825,000 fee simple real estate transaction was based on a landlord friendly net lease structure.

The 33,179 square foot building sits on 2.82 acres located in the 2.5 million square foot Central Park Shopping Center along the I-95 corridor about 50 miles south of Washington, DC. Ample traffic, a recently executed 5-year lease with a guarantee from Williams-Sonoma Stores, Inc., a publicly traded company with over $5 billion in sales, made this an attractive asset for net …

Amanda WillisCalkain Brokers Sale of Pottery Barn Warehouse in Fredericksburg, VA

Big Tech Looking for Retail Spaces


Opening brick and mortar locations could be the beginning of a larger trend being led by Amazon and Google.

Amanda WillisBig Tech Looking for Retail Spaces